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I’m Aniket Mishra, I’m a student at SRM University and a poet at home and a wanderer in life. I’m into Web Development, Literature and anything that’s fun.
I mainly do JavaScript and it’s libraries like React with Redux; Bootstrap and CSS Grid as well. I use PHP for backend.
I love Literature because every time you read a book, you learn something new. I’ve read Julius Ceaser over five times and every time I read it, my perspective was different. It’s so intriguing.
If you have something fun, I’m in! I’ll do it as long as it interests me.
I’m really excited to work with you guys, thanks for the opportunity!


Hey @Aniket, Welcome to Codezoned :grinning:
We have a lot of upcoming projects where you can start your journey :bullettrain_side:


Hey this is Anirudh,
And lets get grinding. :smiley:


Hey guys, this is SHASHANK here. I’m pursuing engineering in CS from SRM University, currently in the 3rd year. I’m interested in web designing and mobile app development. I know few basics for C and Java. I see a great future in this community and hope to be a great addition to the team!
thank you!


Hey Shashank! Great to have you on board buddy :heart: