To new beginnings


Now that you know what we at Codezoned are trying to achieve, we would like your help to make Codezoned better😁.
We would love♥️ to hear about you and your ideas!
Just drop a :wave: and start exploring!

Welcome to Codezoned :heart:

Hey guys, this is Arka here. I’m pursuing engineering in CS from SRM University, currently in the 3rd year. I’m interested in web designing. Hence, doing a course on full stack web dev. I am well versed with basic C and Java. I sometimes draw and game as well. I see a great future in this community and hope to be a great addition to the team!



Am Abishek, My continuous dedication and enthusiasm towards the field of technology has made who I am today, A confident person in talking up challenges for solving problems in realtime with involvement in tech. My area of interest for now in the field of Backend Web Development using Node.js and MongoDB. Having done internship in these has given more confident and ease to work in Backend. I have taken several steps to learn Android Application development but failed miserably multiple times. Although I just did not leave it I still did try and now am getting comfortable with Androind App dev as well.

With all this said you must probably understand the way I work. It is simply what is said in general “do what you love”. Nobody has forced me to do any of these it is all out my interest to have made progress after high school. I am open to learning more from the community as said Knowledge is to be shared. :slight_smile:

Am an introvert meh! But if you got doubts in field of tech try me


Hello there!
Aniket here. I’m a wanderer who’s in love with technology and literature, the universe and art. A poet at heart and an engineer by profession, I’m a web developer working on jQuery, React with Redux and CSS-Bootstrap for front-end and PHP for back-end. I am learning machine learning right now cuz it looks like a lot of fun. I have a few poems which I’m too shy to share so don’t hit me up if you want to read them. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am really excited about this and I look forward to working with you guys!


Master kenobi (reply to Aniket) :joy:
This is Anirudh. I haven’t ever been a part of any community as such. So this is my first time getting into something this big. I am a Web, software and mobile application developer. I have some experience working with OpenCV, GUI creation and tons of python and javascript libraries. Hit me up if you got stuff churning on python or javascript even though I am more confident in C++. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope I could contribute something to this community and be useful around. Looking forward to working with you all.


And by the way, I got my blog coming up real soon. Do check out and support if you like em. :slight_smile:


We could use a lot of your help in our upcoming projects Anirudh :smile:
Thanks for joining us and we’ll make sure to keep an eye on your blog :wink:


I’m Shreyash Patra, pursuing Bachelor’s in information technology under Trident Academy.
I love Python and I backend for websites using Django and I am also into Machine Learning.
Apart from that, I love to play games and read manga in my leisure.

I’m excited about this & I look forward to working with you guys!


Hey Shreyash, It’s great to have you :smile:. It’s great to know that you love Python cuz we frickin love Python too.

You can start your journey with us by looking into ScriptsDump

I look forward for your contributions :heart:


Hi ,
This is Siddhant , basically I am a UI Developer , works on react and redux and on advance js like ES6. This is a great community to discuss about tech and upcoming tech. Looking forward to contribute something to the forum.


Hey Siddhant, It’s great to have you on board :smile:. We’ll need a lot of help in front end stuff in our upcoming projects. We would looking forward for your contributions.


I’m Abhishek, currently pursuing my final year Bachelor’s degree in Physics…
I’m really into Physics and I love to study the workings of the cosmos, really looking forward to have a great time here and hopefully learn a lot of new things…


Hey Abishek! It’s absolutely amazing to have you! We were so interested in making and having projects which revolve around physics but didn’t have much people with the skillset around.

Let’s make amazing things happen :heart:


Hello Zestoneel!
It’s a pleasure to have you here. Hope we have a good run.


Hey there, Abhishek!

It’s amazing to know you are into the cosmos! We are too. The infinite universe is what we are aiming for.

We hope we learn a lot from each other.