Some good sources to start on Web development


I’ll be listing out some good resources I found on starting out with Web development.

Before we start, Let’s just quickly discuss on the components of Web development:

  1. Front-End
  2. Not the Front-End (Why not the Back-End :thinking:, I’ll get back to that)

Alright, So the Front-End consists all of the client side scripting, development and styling of the visible part of the website (The one we see and interact with, Hence Front-End)

The Not the Front-End category has two parts:

  • Middle ware
    -Every time you click on an element on the Front-End part of a website, A certain request has to go to the database and should return with some value/data that determines the response of your website (It is not necessary that every click requires a request to be sent)
    -The Front-End of the website cannot directly communicate with the Database. Hence, the middle ware scripting languages or some other server languages are used (For ex. PHP, Node, etc)

  • Back-End
    -The Back-End usually is a combination of Databases and services which are connected to the Front-End part of your website using the Middleware

I tried to keep this as ELI5 as I could. So people who already have knowledge on this. Bear with it :slight_smile:

Alright, Now let’s jump to some cool sources which will be great for people who are starting out and even for people with knowledge :smile: :

  1. The Roadmap Developer 2018
    Started out by Kamran Ahmed and built over the years by the community this roadmap contains everything you need to be the best developer you can be.
  1. Sub Reddits
    One of the best sources I find to learn something is to just find it’s corresponding sub-reddit. You could check out this one as this is the only one I’ve ever used

More sources to add (Getting late for Uni :tired_face:)
This is my own iteration of what I think is useful and It’s certainly not close to the best one out there. So help me make it better :slight_smile:


Great stuff bud. Thanks! x)


Alright, this is some good information. I really appreciate you sharing this!