How useful is bootstrap?


So currently I’m doing a course on front end.I’ve done bootstrap before but I’m brushing it up again now.Before delving deep into the topic, I want to know how useful bootstrap actually will be,since I’ve heard it’s use gets pretty redundant.Do tell me if I should consider the topic a safe skip,and go into jquery and other topics.


Hmm, bootstrap in it’s core functionality is very useful and pretty powerful. It has been present for quite a while and it’s popularity has decreased over a bit in the recent years.

Problem’s I’ve seen for Bootstrap:

  • It’s too heavy:
    Bootstrap has a lot of features and there are a lot of better libraries out there to do specific tasks. If you just want to use some parts of Bootstap and scrap the rest, You can’t do that. You’re stuck with a heavy codebase which in the end slows down your project.

  • Gives problems with frameworks:
    Try to use Bootstrap with Angular, It gives hell. Since, Most of the major companies don’t use raw html and opt for famous frameworks like Angular and Vue or libraries like React.

Bootstrap isn’t that redundant, But to some extent it is now. It’s great to start out learning with but probably as you learn more and more you’ll find better alternatives.

Peace :slight_smile:


@sagar Thanks a ton bud.That was really helpful.Cheers! :smiley:


Bootstrap is good to start with. If you are new to front end developing and learning HTML5 and CSS3. Then include bootstrap to that list. If you have prior experience then go for Angular ,React and stuff. But initially its great and very good for small projects. Cheers!!