FOSS Idea: Scripts Dump


Coming with some initial first project ideas has been difficult for us at codezoned :confused:
For me, I was surfing though a lot of scripts from all over the place looking for something interesting to do. I couldn’t find a standardized place or a repo for finding random and the most meaningful scripts.

Let’s fix that :smile:


A repository or an extension or a WebApp to find and download any kind of script you want.
The scripts can be in any language but we’ll lean towards Python and Go for now :smile:

What do you guys think?


Sounds like a great idea @sagar! Would definitely love to be a part of it and get to learn how its made.


That’s great :smile:. We’ll be having the repo up on the Github org soon.


@sagar sounds like an interesting idea :thinking:
What kind of scripts are we talking about?


@Rats Automation, Web scraping, Algorithms, Absolutely anything.

FOSS: ScriptsDump