FOSS Idea: Chat Bot


Hello everyone,Chat bots are widely used for eCommerce customer service, call centers and internet gaming. I was thinking to make one for codezoned which ask answer all query related to codezoned and provide easy navigation on codezoned portal. I have never made any chat bot before , so it would be great if we could make it together. Please suggest how to start this project?


I am really impressed by it. I started working on it. I would like to show you what I have made.


Yep, Sounds good! It’ll be pretty fun to have a personal chat-bot for the community.

We could use it for giving out details for an event or to talk about the organisations we’re associated with.
We can probably use it for pushing out pending PRs and also to list out core members, etc.
There are a lot of possibilities :yum:


That’s a pretty cool suggestion bud. Let’s try and implement our own chat bot! :smiley: