FOSS Idea: Blog framework project


Hey all, I have two basic web app for making blogs ,which is written in Java and Python .So if anyone interested in making that blog more interactive and add much feature and also fix bugs they can contribute to it. It will be open source and suggestions are most welcome…


Great! Let’s get started on it. Before that you could state all the frameworks and the libraries used in them :blush:


For Blog which was written in java uses Spark (web application framework) and Apache FreeMarker for template engine and for Databases it uses the java driver of MongoDb.

In python Blog it uses “bottle” framework for web application framework and template engine and databases it uses pymongo(Mongodb driver for python) and also if possible we can switch from bottle to django.


Alright! That’s great, Which one of the both do you wanna take further first?
And also, Suggest a name :smile:


I think Java blog would be fine.