Few great books I found for programming and other stuff


Great Books on Programming (Python mostly)
Check out his link for books:

I know most of you developers are thinking that this is such a relatable post.
So from a beginner to a proficient programmer is such a huge journey. Especially Java kicked the shit outta me. So here I have collected a few awesome books on programming and a few other technical stuff. feel free to download them and use them. I understand that most of these books are python based but I hope these concepts help you get through in any language you take up. Humble request to people who use these resources, People behind these books are legends in their profession. They have put in such tremendous effort in making these books. So if These books help you land a job in IT or Software field or for that sense help you in any sorta way, kindly consider buying a hard copy of the book or donating to the author. These are beautiful people who make our lives so much easier. They deserve huge appreciation and encouragement.

Cheers! :wink:

Sorry for the long post here is a potato


That’s a pretty great concept! But don’t put the direct copies of the books on your repo. You could get in a lot of trouble of illegal distribution.


yeah thanks. Will take it down and put it in some other platform.


So guys , for the moment i have taken down the repo but ill get back asap. or if you want them you could just mail me at gunnercore98@gmail.com