Django or Flask? Which one to learn first?


For a beginner in Python, which web framework would be the best to start learning first (Django, Flask, Pylons, etc.)? I heard that currently all the work is done in Django but learning Flask is more easy. I’m confused what to learn first, anyone with a good solution?


Alright, I’ll answer this with my experience on working on Rig.

Django follows and uses a specific structure and a workflow which makes it a bit difficult for newbies to understand what’s what in a moderate Django codebase.

Django has everything to create a full fledged web application.

Now, Coming to Flask.

Flask is a really light weight and minimalist framework. It can be used to deploy servers really fast without much hassle.

Now coming to which is better to start with: Hands down it’s Flask.

Why do I feel like this?
Because it won’t scare you away like how Django did to me :smile:.