Deleting emails which have the same content


so i use gmail and sometimes i get emails which have the same content (i.e they’re sent twice)

now deleting once manually is no problem… but i want a way to delete them automatically, and i tried using filters it doesn’t help.

Is there any api to implement this or even a gsuite app which can help ??

(also idk which category to put this question in,or if the question/title was framed properly)


You can do that using simple scripts. JavaScript should make it a piece of cake. Run the scripts and it’ll find and delete repeated emails.
We just gotta make sure that only the contents that are same should be deleted. Because sometimes, the same email is sent from different people in the same organization. So the ‘from’ and ’ regards ’ may be different with the same content. This can be done with some modifications to the same JavaScript script.


Aight, So is this for personal use? The most I can think of is using a gmail filter or writing a script and passing it out as a gmail filter.
Is this a very recurring problem? Because I don’t think this usually happens cuz of software error but manual re sending of the specific email.